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St. Salom, King of Cerniw
(born c.460)

(Welsh-Selyf, Latin-Solomanus, English-Solomon)

King Salom appears to have succeeded his cousin, Mark as King of Cerniw in the early 6th century. Little is known about his reign, though he has been recorded as holding the post of Chief Military Officer of the British. He was a younger son of King Erbin of Dumnonia and married St. Wenna, the daughter of an Irish Prince who had settled at Caer-Goch near Mynyw (St. Davids). Their son was the fmaous St. Cybi. Salom seems to have been considered something of a holyman himself, who founded the Church of Lansalos in Cerniw. His memorial may be the Chi-Rho inscribed stone to be seen at St. Just-in-Penwith recording "Selus lies here". Salom should not, however, be confused with his nephew, St. Selevan.


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