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Petroc Baladrddellt, King of Dumnonia (born c.600)
(Welsh-Pedrog, Latin-Petrocius, English-Petrock)

King Petroc, called "Splintered Spear", is recorded in the Trioedd ynys Prydein or "Triads of the Island of Britain" as one of the three just knights of the realm. He was a great warrior, whom legend has made one of the few to survive the Battle of Camlann (though he would have actually lived somewhat later). According to the Bonedd y Saint or "Genealogies of the Saints," Petroc the son of Clemen was a saintly man. However, if he existed, it would appear he may have been confused with the patron of Cornwall, St. Petroc of Bodmin. Petroc Baladrddellt is said to have died at Y Ferwig in Ceredigion.

Generally considered legendary.


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