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Hoel I Mawr, King of Brittany
(born c.491)

(Welsh-Hywel, Latin-Hovelius, English-Howel)

As a son of Budic II's first marriage, King Hoel the Great was nephew to the famous High-King Arthur of Britain. Tradition says he spent much of his youth at the King's Court and, although he returned to Brittany when his father was recalled, he was soon asked back to help his uncle overcome the Saxon scourge. Hoel supposedly landed at Southampton and immediately moved north with a considerable army to assist King Arthur at the Battle of Dubglas, the Siege of Caer-Ebrauc (York) and the Battle of Celidon Coit, before being besieged himself at Caer-Brithon (Dumbarton Rock). Hoel's greatest hour, however, was at the triumphant Battle of Mount Badon. Later he took part in Arthur's continental campaigns, conquering Gaul and enabling Arthur to establish his government in Paris! Hoel then returned to his own Kingdom, where King Tristram of Lyonesse was supposed to have helped him to victory during a Breton Civil War. Hoel probably ruled jointly in Cornouaille with his ageing father. They. Apparently, both died in the same year (545) and were succeeded by Hoel's eldest son, Tewdwr Mawr. Literary writers have transformed Hoel into a Knight of the Round Table.


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