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Coledauc, King of Bryneich (born c.580)
(Welsh-Coleddog, Latin-Coeldocus, English-Coledock)

King Coledauc inherited a week kingdom, after the treacherous actions of his father, Morcant Bulc. Nothing is recorded of this monarch but, like his father, he reigned in a time of constant fighting with the local Anglian settlers. The 600s saw the rise of the great Bernician warrior-king, Aethelfrith the Ferocious, who defeated the Dalriadan Scots and conquered both British Gododdin and Anglian Deira. No doubt, Coledauc's armies could do little to stop this expansion and his territory was probably reduced to small areas in the Cheviots, possibly centred on Ad Gefrin (Yeavering Bell). He was succeeded by his son, Morcant.


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