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St. Cadwaladr Fendigaid, King of Gwynedd

(Latin, Catuvelladurus/English, Cadwallader)

King Cadwaladr the Blessed was the last monarch to have any semblance of authority of the other Celtic Kings of Britain. He appears to have helped Penda of Mercia carry on his father Cadwallon's fight against the Northumbrians, though it is uncertain whether his men were present at King Oswald's final defeat at the Battle of Maes Cogwy (Oswestry) in 642. Tradition says he was ill for much of his reign, during which time, a Civil War broke out in Britain. This was not helped by a widespread famine, followed by a plague, that swept through the country at the same time. It is possible that Cadwaladr died of this plague in 664, but another theory has him fleeing to Brittany, where he accepted the hospitality of King Alain Hir (the Tall). Many years later, when the natural disasters abated, Cadwaladr sent his son, Ifwr, back to Britain to secure the Royal throne, while he went on a pilgrimage to Rome. He died there in 688. His body was brought back to Wales and buried in his church of Llangadwaladr on Ynys Mon (Anglesey).


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