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'King' of South-West Wales
(Born c.AD 357)

(Latin-Antonius, English-Anthony)

Anwn was one of the many sons of the British Emperor, Magnus Maximus, who stayed in Britain with their mother when the latter left to impose his claims on the continent. The British appear to have recognised the rights of Maximus' sons, and Anwn became a powerful man in South-West Wales during the late 4th century. He may have become decurion of Moridunum (modern Caermarthen), capital of the Civitas Demetarum.

Anwn's full Roman name was Antonius Donatus Gregorius, hence he is sometimes referred to as Dynod or, mistakenly, Anwn, King of Greece. He is unlikely to have survived to the time of the Roman withdrawal from Britain (AD 410), but the high-esteem in which the local people held Anwn, enabled his son, Ednyfed, to establish a Royal dynasty in the area.


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