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Alcuin, Abbot of St. Martin's, Tour
(Died AD 804)

Abbot of St. Martin's, Tour
Died: 19th May AD 804

Alcuin was the most renowned pupil of Archbishop Egbert's minster school at York. He studied under Master Albert who later became Archbishop himself in AD 766. At this time, Alcuin took over the running of the school. He later accompanied Albert on his travels to Frankia and to Rome. In AD 781, the Emperor Charlemagne invited him to join the Frankish Court which he eagerly did, perhaps encouraged by emergent Viking raids on Northumbria. He remained in France for the rest of his and was, for many years, master of the Court School. Here, amongst an elite group of European scholars which the Emperor had gathered around him, Alcuin became central to the early beginnings of the Carolingian Renaissance. He did, however, retain a keen interest in English affairs, corresponding with old friends in York and making several return visits. He even composed a verse history of his home city, its bishops, kings and saints. Eventuallu, in AD 796, Alcuin was rewarded, by his Frankish master, with the Abbacy of St. Martin in Tours and it was here that he lived out the rest of his life. He died on 19th May AD 804. logo
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