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Richard I
(Died 1175)

Abbot of Peterborough
Abbot of Whitby
Died: 1175

Upon the deposition of Abbot Benedict of Whitby in 1148, Archbishop Murdac refused to allow a successor to be appointed whilst he lived, unless one of three whom he named were chosen. From the three, the monks elected Richard, Abbot of Peterborough, "as he was known to be a prudent man and of noble lineage". This proved to be a wise selection, for he "increased the glory of [the] abbey in buildings, in revenue, in churches and in large possessions. . . how bountiful and yet how humble; how generous and yet how discreet and pitiful he was." He built the chapter house anew; beautified the church and erected chapels at Dunsley and Aislaby. During his abbacy, a catalogue was made of the books in the library, which consisted of eighty-six volumes, several of which were on grammar. At the time of his death, there were thirty-eight monks in the abbey. He died in 1175, after holding the abbacy twenty-six years and seven months, and was buried in the chapter house.

Edited from Frederick Ross' "The Ruined Abbeys of Britain". logo
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