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John D'Ebor
(Died 1209)

Abbot of Fountains
Died: 1209

John was presumably born in York (Eboracum). He was elected Abbot of Fountains Abbey in 1203 and became well-known for his remarkable generosity and praiseworthy life, as well as for his good government. During his reign, King John extorted, from the abbey, the sum of twelve hundred marks of silver, to meet the payment of which it was found necessary to sell a portion of the consecrated plate and many of the sacerdotal vestments. It was not, however, all paid, the King having consented to a compromise. He commenced the erection of the present abbey church, the remains of which are still to be seen, by laying the foundations and raising some of the pillars.

Edited from Frederick Ross' "The Ruined Abbeys of Britain". logo
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