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Jimi Hendrix
Born James Marshall Hendrix, November 27, 1943, in Seattle, WA. Died September 18, 1970, in London, England. Rock 'n' roll would not be what it is today without Hendrix's influence. He defined the electric guitar as the quintessential rock instrument in ways that no player before him. As Charlie Parker's name is synonymous with the jazz saxophone, so is Hendrix's name with the rock electric guitar. While many guitarists deserve credit for various innovations during rock's infancy, it was Hendrix who assimilated the instrument's known vocabulary, exploded its preconceptions and, through his genius for color and sound, created for it a new sonic forum. - "MusicHound Rock: The Essential Album Guide" (Visible Ink Press)

Jimi Hendrix CDs

Are You Experienced?
Axis: Bold As Love
Electric Ladyland
Band Of Gypsies [Original remastered]
Live At The Fillmore East
New York Session
Ballad of Jimi [IMPORT]
Flashing [IMPORT]
Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix
His Greatest Hits
First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
South Saturn Delta
The Last Experience: His Final Live Performance
The Early Years
NYC '68

 Compilations & Box Sets

19 Great Performances [BOX SET] [IMPORT]
The BBC Sessions
 Featured CD

Are You Experienced?
It came out of nowhere and rocked the world in 1967, amazing The Beatles, THe Who and all on the scene in London. Even with the music world and the world at large in revolution, Hendrix's skill on his instrument, his voice, his dress, his lyrics and his lifestyle were revolutionary. His power and range made you think he came from another world. "Purple Haze," "Manic Depression," and "I Don't Live Today" drew pictures in your mind as they arrested your ears. Songs like "Foxey Lady" and "Fire" were a new brand of rock-charged soul music. This album served notice that Hendrix, the rock god and guitar legend had arrived. A session player in America, he launched a new musical genre from the British Isles.
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