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Britain may be famous for lots of things: unmissable historical treasures, rolling hills and ruggedly dramatic coastlines. But across twenty-first century Britain, there's one thing that really stands out - it knows how to party!

A long night out is as hard on the wallet as it is on the head, though. So what you really need is a range of great cheap accommodation and brilliant backpackers hostels to offset that cost. What's more, you're practically guaranteed to pick up a few willing recruits for your night out.

The party destination, bar none. And it boasts a roll call of some of the world's best hostels, too! London Hostels

Whilst the festival may be the time of year when the city is turned upside down by revelers, it's rarely quiet on the nightlife front. Edinburgh Hostels

Manchester thoroughly lives up to its reputation as the biggest clubbing destination in the north of England. Manchester Hostels

A slightly different - but no less lively - scene. Bath may be full of more traditional pubs, but the energy levels of its large student community more than compensates. View all Bath Hostels

Even wilder (if possible) than its neighbor, Edinburgh, Glasgow is quickly becoming a byword for night owls. View all Glasgow Hostels

Just across the Irish Sea, Northern Ireland's capital seems determined not to be outdone by the English when it comes to letting its hair down in the evening. View all Belfast Hostels

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