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Tour Conditions
Please read carefully.

Reservations Reservations for vacation packages can only be made through a Britannia Tours & Travel agent. Click here for a toll-free phone number.

Deposits & Payments The required deposit on a vacation package purchase is a minimum of $150 or 10% of total purchase, whichever is greater. The balance of the total tour price is due 45 days prior to departure.

Cancellation We reserve the right to cancel any tour for any reason prior to departure and shall be liable only for the return of any monies paid for the canceled tour. Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

Cancellation Fees
If you cancel:Fee will be
30-45 days prior to departure10%
15-29 days prior to departure25%
7-14 days prior to departure50%
within 6 days prior to departure100%

Hotel / Itinerary Variations: We reserve the right to substitute comparable hotels or make itinerary changes as necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. We will use good faith efforts to substitute accommodations, meals or other features as replacements of comparable value for any items canceled.

Tour Inclusions: The land portion of any vacation package specifically includes only those items as set forth in the descriptive literature on this Web site for said tour. All other items are the sole responsibility of the passenger.

Tour Memberships: We reserve the right to accept, reject, or expel any person that, in the sole opinion of Britannia Tours & Travel is unfit or unable to benefit from a vacation package. Children under 12 cannot be accommodated and those 12 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Illness / Absenteeism:There shall be no refunds made for any tour or part thereof that a passenger may miss due to absenteeism, tardiness, or illness. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Smoking: While smoking is not allowed on the motor coaches, coach passages will average only about 30 minutes. Some hotels may have non-smoking rooms available upon request. However, We can make no guarantee that, should non-smoking rooms be requested that the passenger will, in fact, receive a non-smoking room.

Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the passengers to present themselves, when expected, to participate in a vacation package, and to follow all rules and instructions which have beend designed to insure the safety and enjoyment of all passengers. It is the responsibility of Britannia Tours & Travel to use its best efforts to provide the goods and services as set forth in the descriptive literature and this Web site. We cannot be held responsible for acts, errors, omissions of any third party not directly employed by, or under specific contract to We. Because We uses the British rail system as an integral part of its overall program, passengers expressly understand that it is their sole responsibility to utilize the rail system as an independent traveler. Any rail tickets that are supplied to the passenger by We are only supplied by We, acting in an agent capacity. All rail tickets are subject to the terms and conditions on said rail tickets. We is not responsible for an illness, injury, death or other casualty loss by a passenger except due to gross negligence on the part of We, its employees, or contractors. It is agreed that the jurisdiction for any legal proceedings shall be the County Ventura, State of California. By submitting final payment, passengers implicitly agree to the terms and conditions contained in the printed material supplied by Britannia Tours & Travel. Travel insurance to cover the type of losses mentioned above is strongly recommended.

Questions: Questions of a contractual nature should be submitted to Britannia Tours & Travel directly.

Health:Vacation packages are only suitable for those persons who are sufficiently metally and physically fit to handle their own luggage during rail passages, inclusive of train changes as necessary. Further, because Britannia Tours & Travel emphasizes visits to historical sites, buildings, properties and gardens, only those who are confident that their mobility will allow them to adequately enjoy these varied venues should participate in a vacation package. Our personnel cannot be expected to provide any more than the most cursory personal assistance, except in the case of an emergency.

Travel Documents: Travel documents will be sent to you or your travel agent approximately 3 weeks prior to tour departure. Once in your possession, these documents are solely your responsibility. These documents may be inclusive of air tickets, rail tickets, accommodation and sightseeing vouchers.

Passports: United States citizens need a valid passport to travel to Great Britain. Possession of a passport vaild for at least 6 months past the ending date of your Britain Bound Tour visit is the sole responsibility of the passenger.

Insurance: Britannia Tours & Travel offers a comprehensive insurance package, the details of which are set forth on this site. Whether you purchase the insurance offered by Britannia Tours & Travel or other travel insurance, We strongly recommends that you protect your vacation investment with appropriate coverage.

Client Funds: All funds deposited with We are placed in a client trust fund account which is maintained in accordance with the California Sellers of Travel Law and/or the European Community Travel regulations, until services have been provided.

Single Supplement: Our basic price structure assumes double occupancy of the hotels used. Single occupancy may be obtained through the payment of a single supplement.

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